Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uinta County Code Red

Now is the time to sign up for the Uinta County CodeRED if you haven't already.  CodeRED is a high volume high speed communication service that will alert county residents of any emergency in the area. 

I signed up for CodeRED shortly after school started this year.  I received a call when they had the school closures just before Thanksgiving this year.  The funny thing was that the call wasn't received until about 12:30pm on the first day.  A little late but maybe they are trying to get the system tested for future use.  If you have caller ID make sure and imput the number 866-419-5000 in your contact list as CodeRED.  That way you will know who is calling. 

Go to and click on CodeRED to get signed up.  You never know when they might need to get important information to us for our area.

Mardi :)

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