Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Recipes

A couple of weeks ago my neighbors asked me to start helping them get their food storage started.  I told them the easiest thing to do would be to gather all the recipes their family eats and then we could start figuring out what to purchase for their food storage. 

I haven't exactly been doing my food storage this way but I think I will start leaning this way from here on out.  My goal is to get all my dinner meals listed with ingredients and then start purchasing in bulk the ingredients to make them.  I bought a case of plastic bags (8x4x10) to put all of my ingredients in, including bottled water, and I am going to make grab and go bags.  I am going to print out the recipes for each of the meals and tape it to the outside of the bag so that I know what I am grabbing.  Not only are these great for when you didn't plan what to cook that night but also in case of emergency.  It is my opinion that the first 2 - 3 days are the most stressful and disorganized times when an emergency arises.  One of the last things you want to think about is what to have for dinner, wouldn't you agree. 

So my challenge to you this month is to come up with 4 - 5 recipes and gather the ingredients so that you can make some grab and go bags.  I know you might be thinking, what if my recipes have ground beef or chicken in them.  Well, the alternative is freeze dried or canned meats. 

Oh, you might also want to stock up on disposable aluminum pans for cooking in.  Who wants to scrub a pan when you have limited resources. 

If any of you have any recipes you would like me to post, please email me at and I will post them on the blog. 

:) Mardi

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