Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Food Storage Recipe Exchange

So I have determined it might be easier for individuals to participate in a shelf stable food storage recipe exchange if it goes something like this.

Everyone that wants to participate would gather the ingredients for one of their favorite recipes and then shares the recipe and the ingredients with the group.  That way we all get to see the items in the bag and receive the recipe to make up on our own.  This may be a more cost effective way to get more people involved and in turn help other's build up their "ready to go" food storage meals.

I already have a few people interested but I would like to get more.  I also need to schedule a time to get us all together to do this fun little class.  What do you all think about sometime in April?  Do you prefer day or evening class?  I want to accomidate as many people that want to participate as possible.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  You can leave a comment here or email me at mardi@uintanet.com

:) Mardi

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