Thursday, June 9, 2011

Natural Remedies

Okay, most of your know that I love doTERRA Essential Oils and all the healing power they give us.  I have thought about posting information about them on this blog for a long time but always seem to put it off.  Well now I am periodically going to post some information about them and why I think they directly apply to our long term storage needs.

I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils the Christmas of 2009.  I thought they were totally silly and wouldn't be of any benefit to me or my family.  However, after thinking about the potential of treating simple ailments like colds, headaches, cuts, burns, etc. I thought what do you have to lose.  If they don't help than you can just go back to using prescription and over the counter medication when needed.

So I ordered a few oils to try and one of the first ones we (Brian and I) used was called Past Tense.  Past Tense is a blend of oils that included Wintergreen, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Cilantro, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Basil and Rosemary.  This blend was designed to help with tense, headaches, and discomfort.  So I thought, I will just rub this on the back of our necks just before bedtime and see if it helps us relax a little more.  I thought that it helped me fall asleep fasted and sleep a more deep sleep all night.  I woke the next morning feeling rested and relaxed.  Brian said that he was amazed at how it made him crash out way before his usually midnight or later bedtime.  He also said that he slept like a ROCK!  So I did this same routine for the next 6 weeks on Brian and he said that he has never slept so good in his adult life.  He use to wake up several times a night and sometime if there were things happening the next day, he would usually spend a good amount of time awake in the middle of the night worrying about them.  Not while he was using the Past Tense!  There would be times that we would take Unisom just to get a restful nights sleep, but then I was always sluggish then next day.  I loved that I slept great but I didn't like the side effects.

That is one of the most awesome things about essential oils is that there are no side effects.  You can use essential oils on newborns all the way up to the elderly and feel confident that you are helping them with out terrible side effects.  Sometimes we see commericals on TV for prescription medication and the list of side effects is awful.  But we take the prescription any way and "hope" that we won't have any of those terrible side effects.  Sometimes the side effects are worse than the ailment you are trying to treat.  Then some people have to take another prescription to reverse the side effect of the first prescription.  Now you are taking 2 different medications for one ailment.

That is just one or hundreds of examples as to why I love using essential oils.  Don't get me wrong, modern medicine is wonderful and has saved many, many lives.  And believe me, if we needed immediate medical care I would use it in a heart beat.  But if I can treat things on my own and feel confident that this is natures way of helping the body heal itself, than I am all for it.

Some people think that they are to hard to use or to expense.  But after a trip to the doctor and possibly a prescription, I usually have an out of pocket expense of $50+ dollars.  And if you have to wait for a few days to even get an appointment with a doctor, well that is just not acceptable.

So now you are probably wondering what this has to do with long term store.  Well, essential oils have an indefinite shelf life when stored in normal temperatures and away from sunlight.  These are oils you can pass down from generation to generation.  Also, what would you do if you weren't able to get your prescription do to a shortage of supply.  Talk about stressful.  What if your insurance stopped covering the cost of the medication or even worse you didn't have health insurance.  Your out of pocket cost might possibly be more than you can afford.  Being more self reliant and not so dependant on the world is what long term food storage is all about.  Long term food storage is more than just "food".  It is a safety net for unforeseen things that might arise at anytime.  Loss of a job, salary reduction, natural disaster, economic issues, etc.  These are all things we need to prepare for and hope they never happen.

I have seem essential oils help many, many people.  Their ability to help us is endless.    

I will get off my "soap box" now.  But if any of you are interested / curious about essential oils, let me know.  I try to have classes in town once a month but I can also come to your home and share them with you.  

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