Saturday, March 5, 2011

52 Week Food Storage Plan - Week #7

Week # 7: 25 lbs of Sugar


In addition to basic staples, sugar is recommended as part of a balanced diet and to provide carbohydrates. During depressed times, treats made with sugar can actually help provide a mental uplift. Follow the steps below to have a supply of sugar ready when you need it most.
  1. Prepare storage containers. Make sure all inner surfaces are clean and dry. If using plastic buckets, place one ounce of dry ice per gallon capacity in the bottom of the bucket. See more info about packaging recommendations at
  2. Fill containers with sugar. Fill foil pouches to 80% of volume. Fill jars to 95% volume. Fill buckets to within one inch of the top (on top of the dry ice).
  3. Seal containers. For foil pouches, use an impulse heat sealer. Make sure the seal is tight. A second seal can be applied if desired. For jars, make sure the gasket on the lid is in good condition. Close the jar tightly. For plastic buckets, place the lid on top but do not completely close it until the dry ice has dissipated (sublimed). When the bottom of the bucket begins to feel warmer, place the lid on tightly. If it begins to bulge after a few minutes, open slightly to release the excess pressure.
  4. Store containers. All food storage should be placed in a cool, dark, and dry location preferably off the floor and away from rodents. Rubbermaid or similar totes are excellent for storing foil pouches.
Note: Moisture makes granulated sugar hard and lumpy. Once this happens, there is no way to adequately restore it. Store powdered sugar in a cool, dry location (not the refrigerator). When it gets moist, it develops lumps. And because of its physical properties, it tends to absorb strong odors – it can even absorb odors through the package.

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